Salesforce Certified Professional Ranking and Regional Statistics Available from Artisan Hub

Today Artisan Hub is tracking the progress of 30,425 Salesforce Certified Professionals who have in total 86,024 current Salesforce Certificates and reside in 103 different countries.

Artisan Hub

Artisan Consulting has created a global directory of Salesforce Certified Professionals with the goal of providing insights to how many people there are in different parts of the world who hold current Salesforce Certificates.

Please note this site (Artisan Hub) and its content is not endorsed by Salesforce.  Data contained within this site may not reflect total numbers of certifications or professionals who hold Salesforce credentials. Salesforce Certified professionals should be validated directly with Salesforce by utilizing this Salesforce Certification tool:

Rank Me Email Service

Artisan Consulting has launched Artisan Hub’s “rank me” email service through which a Certified Professional can send an email and get a response like this which is my report from today.

To find out your ranking and how many people hold each type of Salesforce Certificate in your country:

  1. Send an email TO with the email SUBJECT being the email address which you can be found with when using the Salesforce Certificate Verification site.

    Don’t send the email to me, the “to” address must be with your verification site email in the subject, nothing is required in the email body

  2. Artisan Hub will return an email to the Certified Professional’s email address containing the Salesforce Certified Professional Artisan Hub Ranking Report

How is the Total Point Score Calculated?

Each credential is assigned a point value based on the type of credential:

  • Consultant = 4
  • Specialist = 2
  • Developer/Advanced Developer = 3/5
  • Architect Designers = 3
  • Architect = 10
  • Admin/Advanced Admin = 3/3
  • Accreditations = 0

Each certificate is awarded points based on the credential point score multiplied by how many years you have held the certificate. For example, a Certified Administrator who has been certified for 2 years would have a point score of 6 (2 x 3).

With this approach every Certified Professional is assigned a total score which is re-calculated daily.

The global and regional ranking is calculated by ordering all Certified Professionals within the geographic area based on total score. Where multiple Certified Professionals have the same total score, the person certified first gets the higher rank.

If you want a higher rank then a) pass more certificates and b) make sure they stay current!

When certificates expire because release/maintenance exams are not passed or because the credential is removed by Salesforce University the point value drops to zero.

Why did we create Artisan Hub?

Salesforce provides public access to all Certified Professional’s current certificates via a name or email search via (as long as the person is currently certified and has selected to make their certification information publicly accessible).

Prior to Artisan Hub it was not possible to access aggregate information about the global community of Certified Professionals. We decided to create Artisan Hub to provide access to regional statistics and to facilitate peer to peer collaboration in a Salesforce Community rather than in a Chatter or LinkedIn Group.

What is Next for Artisan Hub?

We would like to incorporate Trailhead progress into the Total Points Score but to do that we need access to the Trailhead API ( We have requested access but so far have not heard back from Salesforce.

We would also like to get the Artisan Hub Community made available (see below).

Beyond that we will be guided by the Q&A feedback from the community members.

Artisan Hub Salesforce Community

We have created a Salesforce Community within which you can explore aggregate statistics about Salesforce Certified Professionals and participate in peer to peer collaboration. The community provides more value than the email service and allows you to explore regional statistics other than your own.

At this point we are unable to launch the community because Salesforce have so far been unwilling to provide complimentary licenses for Certified Professionals and we can’t afford to purchase enough licenses for 30,000 people given Artisan Hub is a pro-bono service to the Ohana ecosystem rather than a revenue generator.

Artisan Hub on Twitter

Until the Artisan Hub Community can be made available please follow Artisan Hub on Twitter @SFDCArtisanHub to keep track of any announcements or service enhancements. You can also email us at


4 thoughts on “Salesforce Certified Professional Ranking and Regional Statistics Available from Artisan Hub

  1. Todd Newman Reply

    FYI, I’ve been advanced developer since 2009. But the report only listed me as developer certified from that year. It did show platform II since I took the transition exam in 2016.

    1. Richard Clarke Reply

      Hi, currently Artisan Hub is not able to link expired/replaced credentials with those which superseded them so the total points is reflective of the date the original certificate was earned. We are working on that. Thanks Richard

  2. Eric van Horssen Reply


    Would love to see Statistics not just Globally – Country but also in between there still region, like Europe?

    As I am working from Hungary, but hope to do projects around Europe, it would be good to have a more detailed overview.

    1. Richard Clarke Reply

      Hi Eric, we have a more detailed view available in a Salesforce community which allows users to change countries and examine regional level statistics. But we can’t afford to turn it on as Salesforce won’t make licenses available to us at a price which makes sense.

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