Artisan Consulting is a Salesforce Partner specialising in implementations which are complex due to:

  • the degree of custom development
  • the number of system integrations
  • the number of users/communities/business units
  • the number of program roadmap delivery phases

Artisan Consulting optimises business outcomes by deploying small teams of highly skilled Salesforce experts (the “artisans”).  These “Artisans” deliver disciplined software engineering services following agile principles.

Artisan Consulting addresses the needs of mid to large sized corporations for whom Salesforce is a mission critical system, requiring an agile yet disciplined approach to program delivery.  A well balanced team of experienced technologists who take pride in their engineering “craft” outperforms both hobbyists who lack enterprise experience and the bulky on-shore/off-shore resourcing models utilised by the global management consulting companies.

If you are about to implement Salesforce and want it done “right”, or you are responsible for a Salesforce implementation which is in trouble please get in touch.